Types of Biology

There are mainly three types of biology - Zoology, Botany and, Microbiology. Apart from the above ones, there are many other branches of biology. The mentionable branches or types among them are given

Types of Doctors and Their Specialty

About one million doctors or physicians practice in the United States. There are various types and specialties of doctors’ jobs. People simply call them doctors. But most of them have special expertise

Types of Vitamins and their Sources and Deficiency

A vitamin is an important nutrient and organic compound which organisms require in a limited amount to support normal physiological activity. Types of Vitamins - There are in total 13 vitamins that the

Types of Engineering

We can find around two hundred types of engineering all over the world. It would be quite difficult to discuss so many types of engineering at a time. So, you will have an idea of the major types of engineering

Types of Management with the Definitions

The simple meaning of management is performing things right. It is the planning, organizing, controlling and leading an organization to attain its specific goals.

Types of Accounts in Accounting System

According to accounting, a functional unit which is recognized by an account number serving an accounting purpose is called an account. There are mainly five types of accounts in the accounting system.

Know About 10 Different Types of Businesses

Business is the outcome of the combined effort of one or more than one individual to fulfil a social need and earn some profit. Businesses can be of various types. Such as Service Business, Manufacturing,

Types of Government with Examples

Government is a familiar term which refers to a system governing a community or state. It is composed of a group of selected or non-elected or elected people. The government can be of various types. Among

Types of Investments with Explanation

An investment is an item or an asset obtained with the motive of producing appreciation or income. There are basically three types of investments. They are as follows: Ownership Investments, Cash Equivalents

Types of Companies with Examples

An optional association established and organized for running a business is called a company. In other words, a corporation selling goods or services for making money is a company. Types of Companies -

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