Types of Accounts in Accounting System

According to accounting, a functional unit which is recognized by an account number serving an accounting purpose is called an account. There are mainly five types of accounts in the accounting system.

Know About 10 Different Types of Businesses

Business is the outcome of the combined effort of one or more than one individual to fulfil a social need and earn some profit. Businesses can be of various types. Such as Service Business, Manufacturing,

Types of Government with Examples

Government is a familiar term which refers to a system governing a community or state. It is composed of a group of selected or non-elected or elected people. The government can be of various types. Among

Types of Investments with Explanation

An investment is an item or an asset obtained with the motive of producing appreciation or income. There are basically three types of investments. They are as follows: Ownership Investments, Cash Equivalents

Types of Companies with Examples

An optional association established and organized for running a business is called a company. In other words, a corporation selling goods or services for making money is a company. Types of Companies -

Types of Business Report with Description

Business reports convey different types of the necessary information about a business e.g. facts, figures and a situation’s analysis. Types of Business Report: Informal, Formal, Informative, Analytical

Types of Bill of Exchange with Definitions

An instrument used for settling debts is known as bills of exchange. It involves writing of an unconditional order by the drawer or creditor to the drawee or debtor for paying an amount. There are different

Types of Finance with Explanation

Finance is the management of funds or money and involves activities such as budgeting, borrowing, forecasting, investing, lending and saving. There are mainly two types of finance: Debt Finance and Equity

Types of Business Risk with Description

A future possibility which may create a hindrance in your path of attaining a business goal is called business risk. There are different types of business risk such as Economic Risk, Competitive Risk,

Types of Budgets with Definitions & Description

Generally, the term budget refers to a precise statement which represents a financial estimation of the government’s income and expenditure for a specified period.

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