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Terms of Service

Typesof.NET is always welcome you to use our information service browsing the website. As we provide information through this website, we have a specific term for our services. If you are using this, then you are agreed with these terms.


We publish articles on various topics into the TYPESOF.NET website. Our aim is to provide information that is accessible from anywhere. So, it is a very straight forward content providing service via website like others on the internet. Sometimes we ask our users to engage with us so that we can notify about new information published on the website.


Because the service is publicly accessible, we take the privacy of our users seriously. We ensure one-way knowledge sharing. That means most of the time we don’t need to know who you are using our service. If you are benefited by using our services than it is enough for us. Because your presence on our website is valuable for us. For more privacy information we are referring you to the privacy policy section.


Information on this website is collected or created or developed from various sources. We do not guarantee one hundred percent accuracy or correctness about the content. Use this information delivery service at your own risk. We are not liable for any unexpected situation for using the server.

As this system is a customized and secured system, that means it is free from any kind of harmful agents like virus, malware, or other damaging components. Yet, downloading or installing any materials from this system is your own risk.

We never assure or guarantee any kind of products, services, or information that appear on the website from the third-party advertiser. And also, we are not responsible if users make any sorts of transactions between those third parties. Users must be aware of the advertisement policy on the internet.


For a better understanding, we provide backlinks or hyperlinks to other third-party websites. But we never assure you about the availability of those websites or reliability of those sources. So, we are not liable or accountable if the user faces any difficulties following those links.

Users may notice advertisements from other sources which are displayed as text form, video presentations, Graphics or image form, or animated form. Those third parties may provide various offers such as digital goods and services, physical products, online Information services (Courses, training, etc.), and other offers. In these regards, we do not assure or ensure or guarantee you the quality or originality of those products, goods, or services. Users are fully responsible for making deals or transition with them, we are not.


Every materials or content such as textual information, graphics, videos of our service is copyrighted to us. Using our content without our consent is the violation of this copyright law and it is an actionable violation. Users are free to read, share, and refer our information but are restricted to misuse this information. Users also restricted of breaking the flow of services and spamming into the system.


We review and revise these service terms regularly to adopts the improvement of the systems, laws, regulations, etc. We hold full authority for modifications and changes actions.

If there is any update and changes occur in the terms, we will notify our users and visitors immediately by opt-in notification method or by e-mails.

Users may have questions or queries about this service terms and conditions which can be asked by contact us.

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