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Last modified: May 01, 2019

Typesof.NET always thanks you for using this online information service. By using our service, you are agreeing with our terms.

Typesof.NET is a kind of website that published articles specially and specifically focused on types of many different topics. We may need to know the types of business before starting a business, or the types of finance before doing the academic assignment, or types of pets before getting a pet. And thus anyone gets ideas about any types from this website.

We are always concerned of your privacy. To learn about our privacy policy, we are referring you to read our privacy policy.

According to our terms you agree that you will:

  • Not trying to misuse of Typesof.NET content by breaking copyright law.
  • Not use automated software to break the flow of service
  • Not trying to spamming.

As you are using our services, we do not promise about our content basically those are from other sources as references.
Example- Reliability of the content, availability, or ability to meet your needs within our services.

Any updates of our terms of services, we will notify you.
You may have suggestions, questions or a complaint, that you can do by contact us any time.

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