Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a type of policy that actually a statement for the users to tell how we protect their privacy. The question arises when visitors visit our website. Every visitor on the web has a digital address which is an IP address. And the IP address has geographical location, provider of the internet services, etc. This is how every web system collects information about a visitor. On this occasion, visitors need not worry about their privacy. Because it does not specially identify who you are. But when websites collect more specific information about a user like personal information (address, phone number, e-mail address, pictures), interests, activity, etc. then there must have a policy of the visitor's privacy.

TYPESOF.NET is a type of website that provides information-based services that can be accessed freely. No subscription or no user authorization needed. As we integrate google analytics services, it only collects visitor's primary information such as IP address, country location, device data, etc. which common and not user-specific information.

Newsletter Subscription

TYPESOF.NET may offer free newsletter service if a visitor interested and apply for it. For this, we may collect the user's email address along with their name. Later, we may send a newsletter e-mail to their address. Users are able to unsubscribe whenever they want.

How TYPESOF.NET use this information

As we mention above that we collect visitor’s primary information which does not identify who they are. We use these kinds of information to monitor our website performance and improvements.

In the case of newsletter subscription, we preserve user’s information very securely in our system. We never ever share this information with any third parties or give access to anyone to our system except some of our trained personnel.


Cookie is a browser-end feature that stores some information locally into a visitor’s browser. It helps the service providers to make the service user-friendly. Sometimes it is possible to do illegal activities through this feature. But we never do that or do not have any intension to do so. Visitors can easily access their cookie base anytime using the browser software.


TYPESOF.NET may extend their service in the future. Then, it will become mandatory to change the privacy policy. If it happens, we will immediately update our policy on the website.

If anyone has any questions about our privacy or policy, kindly contact us.

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