Types of Oak Trees


There are a wide variety of different trees throughout the world but one of the most popular and prevalent is the oak tree.  There are an ample amount of different types of oak trees found throughout the world ranging from Brant’s Oak to traditional oak trees.  With the knowledge provided by the different types of oak trees you will efficiently be able to determine the differences between each within a limited amount of time.

Different Types of Oak Trees

1. Brant’s Oak (Quercus Brantii)

This particular type of oak tree is relatively rare due to the fact that it is unlikely that this particular type of tree will grow in populated areas.  The majority of Brant’s Oak trees will be found in personal tree collections and arboretums.

Types of Oak Trees - Quercus Brantii Oak Leaf

Quercus Brantii Oak Leaf

2. Caucasian Oak (Quercus Macranthera)

The Caucasian Oak will most likely be found in mountainous areas and it matures to be at least 80 ft in height.  The bark is much like traditional oak trees as it holds the same color and appearance.


Types of Oak Trees - Caucasian Oak

Caucasian Oak

3. Coast Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia var. Oxydenia)

The main identifying factor of the Coast Live Oak is the fact that its leaves are incredibly shiny and in an evergreen color.  The acorns that are found on a Coast Live Oak are long and are adorned with a red fruit.


Types of Oak Trees - Coast Live Oak

Coast Live Oak

4. Common Oak (Quercus Robur)

Much like its name, the common oak is seen throughout the UK and Germany which is why it is commonly referred to as the English Oak tree and/or the German Oak tree.  The leaves on the Common Oak are small and less than 10 mm in length.


Types of Oak Trees - Common Oak

Common Oak

5. Holm or Holly Oak (Quercus Ilex)

The leaves on the Holly Oak are quite recognizable as they are leathery and glossy.  Many individuals also refer to the Holly Oak as the Evergreen Oak.


Types of Oak Trees - Holly Oak

Holly Oak

6. Hungarian Oak (Quercus Frainetto)

The Hungarian Oak is a relatively slow growing tree and it is most commonly seen within personal tree collections and arboretums in North America and Europe.


Types of Oak Trees - Hungarian Oak

Hungarian Oak

7. Japanese Blue Oak (Quercus Glauca)

Also known as the Ring Cupped Oak, the ring markings that are found on the mature acorns of the Japanese Blue Oak are where the name of the tree is derived from.  There are a large amount of Japanese Blue Oaks around the world as they are medium sized trees that are beneficial for many locations.


Types of Oak Trees - Japanese Blue Oak

Japanese Blue Oak

As previously mentioned there are a wide variety of oaks in the world and they all differ in their own separate ways.  With their immense popularity and beauty, more individuals see oaks on a daily basis than any other type of tree.

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